Development Suggestions

Bringing a Business Improvement District to Newtown

The BID steering group have started to pull together the potential themes and projects, based on feedback to date, these potential themes and projects are still open to debate and more feedback, please do get in touch or complete the survey.

Theme 1: Marketing & Events

  • Town Centre website, creating a hub for business, community and visitors, including on-line directory of every levy paying business
  • Strategic Marketing Plan, covering all media forms and platforms targeting the 30 minute drive time and tourism
  • Town Wide events calendar, coordinated calendar of events covering both BID events and other town wide events
  • Business to business promotion

Theme 2: Business Support

  • Business overhead costs & Business promotion, potentially working with Meercat to help businesses with overhead costs and shopappy to provideĀ  a platform for promotion and town loyalty scheme
  • Training, customer support, H & S, First aid etc.
  • Use of vacant land/buildings
  • Utilising vacant shops, pop-up businesses, displays, promotions etc.

Theme 3: Environment

  • BID area recycling program
  • Wayfinding, signage to help both vehicular and pedestrian movement
  • Potential town hosts
  • Electric Charging Points
  • Civic Pride schemes

Theme 4: Representation

  • Potential BID Manager, coordinate projects, communication with businesses, create forum for discussion & change
  • Lobbying, representing businesses on council and regional boards to ensure the businesses have a voice
  • Collaboration, connecting with local and regional groups to leverage footfall and dwell time